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Texas Wood Destroying Insect Report


The Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report is the product of Bug Defender Pest Management.  It’s required for real estate transactions in Texas and it’s contents are specified by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The  Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report covers topics such as the  scope of the inspection, the address of the property, any inaccessible  areas, the identification of conditions conducive to wood destroying  insects, and a description of any evidence of an active or previous  infestation or evidence of a previous treatments for an infestation.

A  Texas Official WDI Report is not a structural damage report. It  includes observations of termite or WDI activity that  indicate infestation and conditions that might promote infestation.  While our inspection is thorough,  it is not a guarantee of the absence of wood-destroying insects.

Certain  lenders may require termite treatments if an active infestation is  found.  Lenders might also require the correction of any issues noted in  the report that might make the property vulnerable to wood destroying  insects.

If there are visible indications of termites but no signs  of activity in a structure that shows no evidence of previous  treatment, a treatment will be recommended by Bug Defender Pest Management.

A Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report Notes Termites Found on Interior walls

A Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report Notes Termites Found on Interior walls

Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report

Additional Information

 Bug Defender Pest Management has many years of experience in doing termite and WDI inspections for a  variety of properties all around Beaumont and Southeast Tx.  We know the varieties of  termites and other wood destroying insects found in the Southeast Tx area.   We know where termites and other WDIs are likely to hide so we know  where to look when we perform your WDI inspection.  Our wood destroying  insect reports reflect that professional expertise and local experience.  If termites are discovered, Bug Defender Pest Control is your best choice to  eliminate them from your property, and we’ll do it for you at a very  reasonable price.  Our termite treatments are done by licensed, experienced termite control technicians.  We stand behind our work and provide you with a renewable termite warranty. 

A Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report Notes Termite Tubes

A Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report Notes Termite Tubes

Texas (wdir)

Additional Information

  Have you ever wondered how much damage is caused by termites in a year? Well, estimates vary, but it is estimated that each year termites cause over $5 billion  in damage in the United States – and that is most likely a low  estimate. Another way of saying it is, in one-year termites cause more  property damage than floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes,  combined. Which is especially unfortunate, as most homeowner’s insurance  policies do not cover the costs to repair termite damage. This is also  why it is so important to get a termite inspection and call us at the  first sign of termites. Homeowners should be aware that the most aggressive termite colony can  eat one pound of wood a day, and most species eat two to three times  their body weight every day. Of course, the amount of termite damage may  be more or less severe, depending on several factors including type and  size of termite, moisture level present and time of year. For example,  subterranean termites can cause the most damage, will thrive where  moisture is available, and, like most termites, are less active during  the colder months.

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